Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Accepting Grace

More thoughts... this time dealing with Grace.

I often am unable to extend it to myself. I live with the guilt that I have failed to love, be humble, seek God... and I don't acknowledge grace. Which make it impossible to extend to others. Perfectionism is an enemy of grace.

When I don't see God's forgiveness it's because all I see are the ways I fail. Then I beat myself down with my standards. So I am hard on others to feel less broken. And so the cycle continues with the guilt of being judgmental.

So what to do, when we find ourselves here? Realize we are forgiven. Know that when God looks at us He doesn't see the list of negative we have made for ourselves, He sees Jesus. And He loves us. Graciously works on us. 

In other words, We Must Accept Grace in Order to Extend It. Thought for the week.

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